Spanish Artisan Cheeses

Mya Valdalos is a dairy shop specialized in the sale of national and foreign artisan cheeses.

You will find us in the iconic San Miguel (Madrid) market, where we will invite you to sample our wide and exquisite range of traditional products, completely prepared by master artisans. 

Each of our cheeses is exclusive and has its own personality, since they are made one by one with enthusiasm and extreme care, following the original recipes in each and every phase – from milk selection to the optimal curing time. 

In our boutique you will also find a wide selection of the best international cheeses from France, Italy, Switzerland and England, especially selected by us to satisfy the most demanding palates. 

Let our experts advise you and get ready to enjoy the deep essence, flavor and wisdom that our artisan cheeses have in store.   

Mya Valdalos. Spanish Artisan Cheeses.

Mercado de San Miguel
Mya Valdalos Quesos Artesanos
Plaza de San Miguel S/N
Booth 20 and 21
28005 Madrid
Tel: 910 111 018

Business hours:
Sunday - Thursday: 10:00-00:00hrs
Friday - Saturday: 10:00-01:00hrs

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